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You understand the psychology.
You understand the research.
You have calculated your ROP.
You have calculated your lost revenue.
Now what?

Giving a Presentation
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Are we advocating that a return of travel to 2019 levels is right for every company?

Not necessarily.

The reality is it’s a balancing act: risk versus reward. In-person versus virtual.

We believe Travel will continue to be a viable expense moving forward because of its bottom-line revenue impact:  increased sales, partnering with potential and existing customers to build value, and collaborative partnerships internally and externally to optimize employee engagement moving forward and maintain current labor force. How much is dependent on each individual companies strategy and goals.

If we consider the G3 management model from McKinsey, where the CEO, CFO and now the  CHO (Chief HR Officer) run the business, the importance of talent is growing in the corporate world.

We want the ROP framework to help highlight the importance of talent, and provide tangible metrics for the discussion.

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'What is your companies ideal future of work look like in its purest form?'

We would imagine it is some of, if not all of the following...

  • Profitable

  • Successful

  • Organically growing

  • A market leader

  • A great place to work

Naturally, the next question becomes 'how do you enable those goals?'​ And when it comes to travel, the question is 'what is the right amount of travel?' and 'what is the value of travel?'

BUT, we believe instead of asking 'what is the value of travel?', the better question is 'what is the value of human connection?'

There are no right or wrong answers, and no one size fits all solution, and that makes it a perfect opportunity for discussion!

Having employees cross-network internally across Travel, HR and Finance departments will help drive greater knowledge and therefore outcomes, while also developing the employees. It's a win-win. Therefore the more collaboration on the discussion, the better!

The numbers within this ROP framework are likely to provoke reaction, but whether they do or not, there is nothing more tangible than seeing the numbers within your own data, which is why we recommend conducting employee pulse surveys checks to try to find that exact sweet spot for your company, especially as the global economy enters a post-Covid world.

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Numbers used on this site are based on research and industry standards. But they are averages, and your company might not be an average company. That is why we recommend creating anonymous pulse checks to be conducted on a regular basis with employees.​

Understanding the trending of the 10 metrics below will help your company identify both risks and opportunities acroos the short, medium and long term  when combined with data from your CRM tools:

  1. How successful do you feel you have been at sales?

  2. How successful do you feel you have been at innovating?

  3. ​How successful do you feel you have been at team building?

  4. ​How successful do you feel you have been at networking?

  5. ​How successful do you feel you have been at being productive and delivering work in a reasonable amount of time?

  6. How stressed do you feel?

  7. Do you feel you have enough face to face interaction with colleagues?

  8. Do you feel you have enough face to face interaction with customers?

  9. Do you want more or less time in office?

  10. Do you feel you travel enough?

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